In this article I show you a nice online tool which you can use to track you ladder improvements. It is called
TRN – Rocket League Tracker Network

It can be used by PC, PS4 & XBOX players. Use the input screen at the first page. Type in you e.g. Steam name and ensure “Steam” is selected (for the other gaming platforms it works analog).

Afterewards there will be a lot of information about your personal Rocket League statistics. A brief summary:

  • Perfomance:
    Here you can see your general statistics like how many wins, loses, shots etc have you done during your career.
  • Play Tracking:
    It shows more or less you playstyte. Do you tend to be more defensive, then you might see a higher rate of saves, for example.
  • Playlist:
    It shows all your ranked playlists (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 solo, 3vs3 standard). In addition you see your current rating and what is (out of my point of view) the most interesting information, you see how close you are to get ranked up / ranked down.
  • Rating History:
    Its an overview about teh last played games.
  • Goal & Shot Tracking:
    Its a timeline which shows your goals and shots. But I am not sure what the meaning of “value” is for. There seems to be a conversion of numer of shots/goals to this “value”.
    If you have an idea please tell me in the comments. 🙂
  • Goal / Shot Percent:
    I have no idea.. please tell me in the comments.
  • Rating Progression:
    In this diagramm you can see a timeline about your ranked evolution of all playlist.
  • Tier over Time:
    It is similar than the rating progression. Here you see just your leagues & divisions of each playlist.

The following tool is called the Live Tracker (Beta). This is the tool I use the most. During my ladder games I have this information on my second screen. It show me during the game the live information. It trackes my curring ranking and the points I earned during playing. So I can see if Iam close to rank up. In addition I know at the end of my Rocket League session, if I have a positive or negative rating bilance ( In the figure below you can see for instance the small green +34 below diamond III).