If you play Rocket League regulary you will deal with the Rocket League camera settings.
You have to feel comfortable while playing. There is no right and wrong in this topic. To get impressions and ideas you can find on this page the Rocket League camera settings used and recommended by pro player.

In general there are 5 setting which are the following:

FOV: Field of view


Camera Height:

Camera Distance:


Camera Angle:


Summarized you can use these options without any concerns:
FOV (Field of View): 102 – 110
Height: 100 – 150
Angle: -2.0 to -5.0
Distance: 260 – 330
Stiffness: 0.00 – 1.00

These values represent a cross section of many used Rocket League camera settings.
Use those value as baseline. Afterwards check out the minimum and maximum of each option to get a feeling about the behaviour. Everything has advanteges and disadvantages. For example a too small height will effect that you cannot see what is behind the ball, which could be interesting for dribbling.

In case you dont want to play around with settings, have a look for camera settings of pros and check if fits for you. In the following video you can see a camera comparison of 4 different pro players (Credits: JapaneseGoblin)