Hello all,

today I invested 20keys in crates, mainly for Overdrive- Victory- and Turbo crates. I got the following items:

  • 3x Decal: Funny Book (Witzebook) for Breakout
  • Trail: Blazer (Flammen)
  • Paints: Circuit Board (Platine)
  • Decal: Lone Wolf (Einsamer Wolf) for Octane
  • Bodies: Animus GP
  • 2x Paints: Glossy Block (Glänzender Block)
  • Bodies: Centino V17
  • Boost: Magic Missile (Magisches Geschoss)
  • Boost: Tsunami Beam
  • Decal: Athena for Merc
  • Bodies: Werwolf
  • Banner: Winter´s Warmth (Winterwärme)
  • 2x Trail: Luminous (Strahlend)
  • Decal: Marauder: XVIII
  • Decal: Jäger 619 RS: Mister Monsoon
  • Boost: Tachyon



Rare: 50%
Very Rare: 20%
Limited: 30%

For me it seems that the droprate for “Limited” is quite high, but I have never created a statistic before, so its just a feeling.

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