I would like to share with you my personal experience regarding XBOX & PS4 controller. You may ask yourself which controller fits to you!? I tested both and in the following I show you my personal impressions.

I started my “Rocket League Carreer” with the XBOX controller for approx. 300-400h. Then the controller started to disassemble itself (shoulder buttons). So I bought a PS4 controller for further 500h++. My conclusion at the end:

  • XBOX stick position feels more “natural” than PS4
  • The processing quality of the PS4 controller feels more high-quality
  • Lifetime of PS4 controller is (in my case) much higher than the XBOX controller
  • PS4 controller bluetooth is compatible with steam link with no problems. I have never managed to make it work for the XBOX controller. There might be a way but my motivation decreased very fast, so…


At the end this is a subjective decision. Me personally would recommend a PS4 controller. Find here a Amazon offer (Affiliate Link)

If you want to know more about how to optimize your controller settings, check out this.